Blackburn Vannoy Farm Management Committee


Management of the Blackburn‐Vannoy lands and buildings is guided by the terms of the Reeves and Beulah Blackburn wills and the conservation easement that the Vannoys established through Blue Ridge Conservancy. Those documents establish the primary guiding principles for the management of the property, but numerous decisions regarding specific research projects, farming, grazing, cattle management, and restoration plans for buildings on the property must be made on a regular basis.

The Blackburn‐Vannoy Farm Management Committee (BVFMC) is responsible for developing recommendations for the ongoing protection and use of the property. Recommendations from the BVFMC go to the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and to the Provost. Those administrators can be expected to approve all recommendations from the BVFMC except where safety, personnel, or fiscal concerns might require them to over‐rule those recommendations.

Membership on the BVFMC will represent a wide range of constituencies on campus, as many departments and programs will have an interest in engaging in teaching, research, and service at the Blackburn‐Vannoy Farm.

Committee Member List

 Committee MemberDepartment RepresentingEmail Address
Voting MembersKristen B.
Lanae BallNutrition & Health Care
Susan DollBuilding
Tom HansellAppalachian
Jim HouserAppropriate
Brooke KornegaySustainable
Sandra LubarskySustainable
Julia PedigoHayes School of
Neva SpechtCollege of Arts and Sciences /
Non-Voting MembersMike MayfieldVice Provost for Undergraduate
Eric HieglBlue Ridge Conservancy
Rick PresnellASU Endowment
Glenda TreadawayDean of Fine and Applied
Anne FanaticoSustainable
Christoffel den BiggelaarSustainable

Historic Preservation Subcommittee Member List

Subcommittee MemberOrganization or Department
Neva Specht, ChairCollege of Arts and Sciences
Lynn DuryeaDepartment of Art
Eric HieglBlue Ridge Conservancy
Kristen Deathridge,Department of History
Mike Mayfield,Academic Affairs
Chad EverhartDepartment of Technology & Environmental Design